What is Customer Persona and its business requirement

It is said that for any industry in this world, Customers are the King. Businesses believe that if your customers are happy, you will grow.
Always be in good books of the Customers.
And for that it is important to Study the Customers. This could be done by understanding the Customer Persona for your business.

However, it is often a challenge to understand about questions like:-

  • Who are these Customers?
  • What is Customer Persona?
  • How will we know that they are our correct target audience?
  • Is every customer approached in the same way?

Digital Marketing is a subset of marketing where communication is very fast. Businesses have an opportunity with audience and so comes Competition within different players.
As a result, it is an absolute necessity to have knowledge about the targeted customers. These targeted audiences are known as Customer Persona or Customer Profile.
There are always multiple factors like reach, engagement, income, experience which a business thinks in order to have quality customers.

What is Customer Persona?

Customer Persona or Customer Profile is a marketing term which is to match customers to the product or businesses which are searched in the market.

According to Social Media Today:- A Customer Persona is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer. They describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like, the challenges they face and how they make decisions.

Hubspot defines a buyer persona as ‘A semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.’

Buyer personas or Customer Personas help businesses understand and empathize with their customers so they can do a better job of acquiring and serving them.

3 Broad Characteristics of Customer Persona


This Section will be including the suitability of audiences with their background for the products or services.

This would include the Background like:

  • Family
  • Career Path
  • Job Profile

#2. Demographics

This section would be including the factors like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income Range


This section would be including factors like:

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Motivation
  • Passion

Examples of Customer Persona

Example 1:-

Let us consider a product like BMW-Latest 3 series Model which is a high end car in the market with a price tag of above 35 lakhs.
Being a digital marketer who will be the most appropriate target customers for this product?
Well, here comes the knowledge of Customer Persona or we can say Customer Profile of the target audience.

BMW Series by Autocar

The target customers would consists of category like NRIs, Business People, Celebrities, People who are BMW Fans.
Speaking of Income: People who are well established as they have high income earnings.
Age would be those who are above 18 years.
Interests would be people who are BMW fans and desire to have the latest model for themselves.
People who are passionate about BMW brands will also be counted in our target audience.
So, here we see that the different points to be considered while targeting for a high end product like BMW.

Example 2:-

Here, we can see a practical aspect of Customer Persona for one of the biggest players of Property Industry – MagicBricks.

Magicbricks customer persona

The above example would be more elaborate in explaining the exact procedure to access the customers based on their persona.

We can see different parameters like Age, Gender, Income, Native Place, Desire and Aspirations of the Audience.
So, based on the different parameters we can see that Magic-bricks can assort the type of apartment and the mode of payment category for the audience.
This is one of the ways which decides the product-assortment in the websites.

In the world of Digital Marketing we have connections with people via different mediums.
For instance: Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram which is about social media.
We have search engines where people search their queries.We have partnered sites and many more places to tap them.

Study of customer persona would provide a solid, data-driven foundation to your sales and marketing efforts – from the production of tailored content, through to lead generation, increased sales and boosts in customer loyalty.

Example 3:-

Let us take another example of Bata. Bata is a Brand which is projected as the everyday use brand. It was never the go-to Brand for Fashion Industry.
It is a brand known for Comfort, Durable, Easy Available and Affordable category.

Therefore if we structure the Customer Persona for A Brand like Bata, then it will include:-
Category:- School Children, office going people, Old Age.
Age:- 3-70 plus people
Interest:- Affordable, Comfort( Dr. Sholes), Everyday going slippers and Sandals, highly durable products.

Bata Footwear
Bata Footwears

Therefore, we can see that the Brand has a familiarity which is very different than most of the other brands.
But today Bata is starting to position itself as Stylish as well.
Being stylish was never the first approach for the Brand.
So, today the customer persona includes people who are looking for Stylish footwear would also be making in the Customer Persona list for Bata brand.

Benefits of Customer Persona

#1. Meeting the needs of Audience

This is like you cannot have same answer to all the questions in your exam.
It means that the process of customization is there in the room.
Companies try and customize the requirement of the people according to their needs. Market research is the process to know about the products required in the market.
Primary and Secondary Market Research will be providing the detailed Customer features. It would be helping in the customer persona creation for the businesses.
It will provide with exact requirement of the customers which may lead to innovation and new products as well.

#2. Building Reputation

If a Brand or a company works on the customer persona, then they have to work on the first point. It would result in customers interests and satisfaction.
In other words, company who works for customer as a priority tends to have a good reputation within the customers.

#3. Creation of Appealing Content

If a business works on the Customer Persona, they are likely to work on different types of contents.The businesses will use various mediums and platforms in order to appeal the customers to their best level.
In other words, it would not only make the businesses likable to visit but also will be engaging for the customers.

#4. Adding Consistency in Business

It is always a challenge to make your customers happy with your products and services.Customer persona will also give a good chance of innovation and a consistency of the brands will lead to new approaches to target customers.
In other words, there will always be a room of improvement in terms of service provided or in products.
As a result, working on customer persona would provide consistency to businesses .

#5. Generating High Quality Leads

Working on Customer Persona would draw a more targeted customers for the business. This would result in bringing a very high quality lead.
It would result in better conversion rate for the business.

In Conclusion, we can access that Customer Persona knowledge will bring major change in Digital marketing presence of business in the market.

Do let me know if you have any queries about the topic. Digital tech club is always open to suggestions from our fellow readers.
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