Parameters of Google Ads Ranking

Google earns its largest revenue from Google Ads.
There are different formats in which we experience the Google Ads forms.
However, it would be interesting to know what are the different parameters of Google Ads Ranking factors.

Google runs different campaigns like that of Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile Campaigns.
With different campaign formats we have good amount of engagement

Parameters for Google Ads Rank

  • Bidding Amount
  • Quality Score

Bidding Amount

This is the first and one of the important parameter of Google ads ranking factor.
It is defined as the amount which any Brand or Business is willing to pay on per click basis.

Quality Score

This is the second important factor which decides the google ad ranking process.
It is defined as the combination of factors like Landing Page, CTR(Click Through Rate) and Landing Page which decides the Quality Score of Ad.

Quality Score is calculated on the 10 point Score card where any score above 7 is considered as good.
A score below 6 is not considered as a good score and if one falls in this bracket then no matter whatever be the Bidding Amount, Ad Rank would be deeply affected.

parameters of google ads
google ad rank

Factors Of Quality Score

There are 3 factors which are mentioned in the calculation of Quality Score.

  • Landing Page
    This is the factor which calculates the landing page quality of the ad. The quality includes User Experience, Loading Speed of the landing Page, Bounce Rate and Broken Links.
  • Ad Relevance
    This factor decides if the text or information about the content mentioned in google ad is relevant to the ad content or not.
  • CTR
    This factor decides the likability of the ad. It is calculated as the percentage ratio of clicks to impression parameter.

Formula for Quality Score

Factors of Quality Score
Factors of Quality Score
1 + Landing Page Experience Points + Ad Relevance Points + Click Through Rate Points.
Quality Score Calculator
Quality Score Calculation

By default this parameter’s score for any ad is 6.
It is seen later that if the ad quality is good then the score will be 7, 8 or 9.
This is calculated as :
= 1+[1.75(Landing Page)+1(Ad Relevance)+1.75(CTR)]
=5.50 =6(approximately)

Higher the Quality Score in Google Ads and Bing Ads, the Lower is the cost per conversion.
A high quality score is Google’s way of saying that your PPC (Pay Per Click) ad meets your potential customers’ needs. The better you are at meeting the prospect’s needs, the less Google will charge you for the ad click.

Calculating Ad Rank

Ad Rank=Quality Score * Bid Amount

So now we know the different parameters of google to rank the ads in SERP page.

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