Carousal Post-CTA Button

Adding Embedded Call To Action Buttons in the Facebook Posts will lead your audience to directly lead to your website visit.
As Facebook is all about targeting therefore we are going to focus on all the features.

What is CTA-Call to Action ?

According to Investopedia:

“The CTA can have a direct link to sales and it can suggest that the reader subscribes to a newsletter that contains product updates, for example. To be effective, a CTA should be obvious and should immediately follow the marketing message.”

Importance of CTA Button in a Post

The CTA Button or we say Call to Action Button has two Major Importance:
a) Leads to Visitor Conversion
b) Boosts your CTR (Click Through Rate)

In addition to the subtle Image Post, this feature would also help you gain maximum visitors.
For a business to have Call To Action button is highly effective as it may lead to direct conversion.

Steps to Create a Carousal Post-CTA Button

Step 1: Create a Business Manager Account.

Use the Url:

For any Brand a business account is extremely important and is the first step for Facebook Promotion.
Creating a business account do not require any money investment.

Step 2: Go to Page Posts

Go to the Business Manager account using the Burger Icon (Stacked three lines just beside Facebook Icon) on leftmost Top Corner.
Look for Page Posts under Create and Manage.

Options in Facebook Ad Section
Options in Facebook Ad Section

Step 3: Creation Of Post in Published Post Section

Click on “Create Post” in Page Posts Section.
In the “Create Unpublished Post” Section , there are multiple options like
Link, Carousal, Photo, Video, Status.

Carousal Post
Carousal Post

Step 4: Selecting Carousal Post

Pick Carousal from the List of options and complete the block by selecting the Images.
Make sure to abide by all the Image aspect ratio specifications.
One can select minimum of 3 and Maximum of 10 Images for Carousal Post.

Carousal Post Creation
Carousal Post Creation

Step 5: Selecting the Correct Option

There are two options of the post creation in this window.
a) Use the post for Ad purpose
b) Use this post for ad and it will also be published as Post.
Select the Second option for Using the Post as an Organic Post on your page.

Facebook Post Creation
Facebook Post Creation

Step 6: Managing the Action Icon

Click on the Check Box in the list. You will see the Actions Icon above the list.Click it. You can Schedule, Publish, Delete or Use this Post as an Ad.

Actions Taken on Post

Step 7: Final Step Before Publishing Carousal Post

Click on Publish and the Created Post will be there on your Business Page as an Organic Post with Call To Action Button of your Choice.

And your Carousal Post -CTA Button is ready for use without paying any money to any platform.

Carousal Post with CTA Button
Carousal Post With CTA Button

Options like Clicking on the Post will let your visitors have more opportunities.
Making images more clickable this way would increase the likelihood that users will visit your page.

In conclusion, these Post Creation techniques will get you more Audience Engagements in Facebook.

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