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A passionate Digital Marketer Freelancer. An ex-Accenture employee who has changed her profile to do something which is as fresh as a dew in the Marketing Industry. MBA graduate who is now pursuing career in Digital Marketing field.

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What is Inbound Marketing?Why is it important?

A Digital Marketer works never ends on customer acquisition but continues to the next level which is Inbound Marketing. Visit my Blog Section.

How to add Call to Action Button in a Facebook Post?

Facebook does not allows you to add Call to action Button Section in an organic post.
Find out how you can do this in my Blog Section.

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buyer persona

What is Customer Persona and its business requirement

It is said that for any industry in this world, Customers are the King. Businesses believe that if your customers are happy, you will grow.Always be in good books of the Customers. And for that it is important to Study the Customers. This could be done by understanding the Customer Persona for your business. However, […]

Close Friends

Instagram Close Friends and Its Business Usage

It was in December 2018, when Instagram officially launched a new story feature, called “Close Friends.” This feature allows you to create a list of “Close Friends” you can exclusively share stories with on a day to day basis. This “Close Friends” feature was initially made for followers to share more private moments, one of many attempts […]

key performance indicator

4 Key Performance Indicator of Social Media Platform

Social Media is one of the most important and primary pillar of Digital Marketing world. Measuring how is the brand doing or how popular is your product among the people is always a hard task. Thus in this post we are going to see about the 4 important KPIs of Social Media Platform What is […]

Carousal Post with CTA Button

Carousal Post-CTA Button

Adding Embedded Call To Action Buttons in the Facebook Posts will lead your audience to directly lead to your website visit.As Facebook is all about targeting therefore we are going to focus on all the features. What is CTA-Call to Action ? According to Investopedia: “The CTA can have a direct link to sales and […]

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